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Acid washed oversize T-shirt


Acid wash cotton t-shirts are stylish clothes with a unique look, which is given by a special fabric treatment process. This t-shirt is made of high quality cotton fabric that is first soaked in acids and other chemical compounds. This process creates a characteristic “rusting” effect that gives the shirt a unique look. Acid wash technology creates interesting and random stain effects on the surface of the fabric, giving the t-shirt a vintage or even a bit bolder look.

The cotton fabric gives the t-shirt softness, comfort and breathability, making it suitable for everyday casual style. They can be a part of both men’s and women’s wardrobes, and are often the choice of those who want to stand out from the crowd with an interesting and unusual style accent.

• Oversize model.
• Material composition: 100% cotton.
• T-shirt length: 66 cm., chest circumference 116 cm.

Special instructions:
– it is recommended to wash inside out at 30°C.
– do not dry in the dryer.

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